Business Training and Management Consultancy

We provide our clients with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to deliver real value to the business.

We take time to understand our clients’ businesses and where appropriate challenge what we discover to really get underneath the skin.

Our training sessions are delivered using the most appropriate method for our clients, including full classroom based programmes, workshops and coaching that combine formal training and consultancy services. This ensures a solution that is effective and relevant, drives lasting behavioural change, and better equips staff with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to do their jobs.

We cover the following areas;

Training, Workshops, Facilitation

  • Effective Sales, including;
    • Territory Planning, Account Planning, Sales Propositions, Sales Prospecting, Call Planning, Overcoming Objections, Closing, Customer Relationships
  • Strategic Marketing, including;
    • Positioning, Customer Propositions, Product Propositions, Brand Planning, Marketing and Communications Plans, Customer Insight
  • Social Media, including;
    • Blogging For Business, LinkedIn Lead Generation, Twitter, Facebook, Understanding ROI
  • Presentation Skills, including;
    • Self Awareness, Body Language, Creating Powerful Content, Preparation, Using Visual Aids, Using Story-Telling, Engaging the Audience, Managing A Presentation
  • Customer Service Skills, including;
    • The Power of Empowerment, ROI of Good Customer Service, Listening Skills, Telephone Skills, Dealing with Difficult Customers, Putting the Customer First
  • Business Writing Skills, including
    • Good vs. Bad Writing, Knowing Your Audience, Communication Preferences, Language, Writing Structure, Grammar, Editing


  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Audits and Research – market, customer, product, competition
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Customer Value Propositions


We always encourage our clients to be as involved in the development of the programmes as they possibly can be as this creates  ownership and commitment to the process that will help ensure lasting behavioural change. The programmes are always tailored to the individual company’s needs and are designed to be interactive and involving in order to make the experience as positive as possible.

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