Are you selling, what your customers are buying?”

Businesses are often inward looking, working with their heads down, busy focusing day to day on delivering the products or services they provide. The result is that they forget to look up and think about their customers and what they want.

For example, an IT company that relentlessly talks about the functionality of their data management software, is missing the point that it gives their customers the ability to gain insight into customer buying behaviour and so generate  further sales opportunities.

At Jiminy Consulting we train, advise and guide businesses on how to better understand and communicate effectively with customers, partners, suppliers, and their own staff, thereby increasing their ability to create and grow business opportunities.

“Customers are a business’s most important asset.”

We believe passionately that customers are the most important assets a business has, and they should be treated as such. Without customers you have no business!

So like the famous Disney character, Jiminy Cricket , we sit on our clients’ shoulders and act as the voice of their customers, reminding them how important they are. We work with businesses to guide and advise them on how to communicate with their customers more effectively, and how to develop and deliver sound value propositions.

This involves a combination of training, consultancy and strategic planning advice, all geared towards helping businesses to develop great customer relationships and deliver a better customer experience.

Jono Oswin – Managing Partner

Happy customers

A few comments from clients;

“Thanks for your input on Thursday. It was really valuable. I speak for all of us when I say that your work to date, and your intended ongoing involvement gives us real confidence in our ability to significantly improve our overall marketing performance”.

– CEO,  Maybo Conflict Management Training

“The workshop was very interesting, well presented, informative and encouraged a lot of interaction with the people attending – one of the best workshops I have attended in many years! “

– Member of Southern Entrepreneurs Club

“Thank you for your time here, everyone found the workshop eye-opening and constructive. It left an inclusive and positive feel to the team.”

– Richard Neal, Lancing Press, Value Proposition Workshop

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