Business Training and Management Consultancy

Training – Facilitation – Workshops

I help companies develop the communication skills and management knowledge their people need in order to develop and grow the business.

Effective communication is core to disciplines such as Sales, Marketing, Management and Leadership and as the commercial world becomes ever more tough, with more and more being demanded of business people, being heard through the noise and being able to communicate effectively can make the difference between profit and loss.
I work with organisations such as IBM and Barclay’s to improve the communication and management skills of their managers and staff. My tailor-made programmes address a wide range of skills and competencies, and are designed specifically to meet the particular needs of delegates.
Being busy does not necessarily mean you are being effective

I also help business leaders establish insight and direction through the facilitation of strategic workshops and reviews. Drawing on years of business experience, I work closely with management teams to help them develop unbiased, factually based strategic business plans that provides clarity of thinking.
It is this ‘outsiders’ view, without any preconceived thoughts or ideas, that makes the intervention so valuable and helps businesses deliver results.

More details of the areas our programmes cover are available in Our Services.